Skipping camp won’t hurt Giroux’s Olympic chances, says Yzerman


Two days after reports suggested Hockey Canada was “extremely disappointed” with Claude Giroux skipping Olympic orientation camp, any potential controversy was put to rest.

Giroux’s decision to bail on the camp and focus on rehabbing his injured hand won’t affect his chances of representing Canada in Sochi, GM Steve Yzerman told the Canadian Press.

The news shouldn’t come as a huge surprise — Giroux is considered by many to be one of the 11 “locks” Hockey Canada CEO Bob Nicholson referred to — but will likely come as a relief to Giroux, who has faced scrutiny following his decision.

“It’s safe to say the entire Olympic brain trust from Hockey Canada, right down to the coaching staff, feel as though they’re extremely disappointed that [Giroux] is not here,” TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported from the Calgary-based camp. “Giroux figures on being an important player on this team, and one of maybe eight forwards who are perceived — if not outright locks — then certainly favorites [to make the team].

McKenzie went on to suggest Giroux stayed away from camp at the urging of the Flyers organization, so perhaps that’s why Hockey Canada isn’t holding the decision against him.