Canadian Medical Association bashes NHL owners for ‘tolerating and promoting violence’


The Canadian Medical Association had some harsh words toward NHL owners during their annual meeting on Wednesday, as they voted to “condemn their complacency” in toning down violence in the sport, the Globe & Mail reports.

“The owners have a financial interest in tolerating and promoting violence and we need to be a counterweight,” Dr. Pierre Harvey said.

The league has taken measures to cut down on hits to the head, although a recent report indicates that hasn’t lowered the number of concussions.

This summer’s Competition Committee meeting focused on mandatory visors and … eliminating spin-o-ramas during shootouts, so one could say that the NHL is making baby steps toward better protection (but maybe not going all-in).

It’s tough to imagine critiques from the medical community changing hockey overnight, yet time will tell if fighting and other forms of on-ice violence will be phased out of the game.

Either way, this might not be the best time for NHL 14’s “Enforcer Engine” to draw so much attention