Andrew Shaw is auctioning off his … stitches for charity


The Chicago Blackhawks are almost making an art out of auctioning off strange things in the name of charity following their 2013 Stanley Cup run.

About a week ago, NBC Chicago passed along word that the team is auctioning off vials of melted ice for Chicago Blackhawks charities. Now it appears that Andrew Shaw is selling his (wait for it) stitches to benefit The “V” Foundation, according to CSN Chicago.

You’re not just getting a handful of spent stitches, by the way. The Facebook page reveals that the stitches will be “professionally framed” and will include an autograph from the 22-year-old. That fancy package will go up for bids between Aug. 15-25.

Here’s a slightly odd photo of the stitches:


In case you want to watch a rather amusing video on the Blackhawks’ ice-melting enterprise, the team’s Web site has you covered.

With all this in mind, here are a few suggested items for the Blackhawks to auction:

  • Hair extensions comprised of Patrick Kane’s mullet.
  • Jonathan Toews’ sideburns.
  • Joel Quenneville’s mustache trimmings.
  • Corey Crawford’s glove.