Coyotes hold off on name change


Much like the Arizona Cardinals, the Phoenix Coyotes plan on changing their team name to reflect the state they inhabit. It seems as if that won’t happen in 2013-14, however.

The Arizona Republic’s Sarah McLellan reports that they won’t switch to the Arizona Coyotes until 2014-15, at the earliest. Coyotes alternate governor Anthony LeBlanc explained why to Fox Sports Arizona’s Craig Morgan on Monday.

“Our market is more than just Phoenix,” LeBlanc said.

Considering how challenging this situation was for the city of Glendale, the decision to spotlight the entire state rather than a prominent city makes that much more sense.

Whenever it happens, it will mean that the NHL’s Coyotes, NFL’s Cardinals and MLB’s Diamondbacks all embrace the state name in their titles.

(Your move, Phoenix Suns.)