Winnipeg is close to the cap and they’re OK with that


If you take a look over at, you’ll see a team near the top of the payroll list that we’re not accustomed to seeing there.

The Winnipeg Jets’ payroll this season is currently just over $62 million putting them just $2 million off the cap. After signing Bryan Little, Blake Wheeler, and Zach Bogosian to long-term lucrative extensions, cap space is tight and the team executives are just fine with that

As Jets co-owner Mark Chipman tells Tim Campbell of the Winnipeg Free Press, they’re comfortable spending that much to try and ice a winner.

“As you probably know, we’ve got one of the largest number of multi-year agreements in the league,” he said. “We’ve had plenty of time to consider this and we’ve had a plan established for some time and we’re merely following it.”

The Jets have 11 players signed to multi-year deals through 2015-16. The team also has its season tickets sold out and a waiting list to get them a mile long to help keep bringing in cash.

With that kind of setup it would’ve been more surprising to see the Jets not cough up money to keep players who’ve done well for them.