Canucks: Bure’s No. 10 will be retired in 2013-14


Less than a year ago Pavel Bure was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and he’ll receive another tremendous honor in the near future.

The Vancouver Canucks have confirmed that they will retire Bure’s No. 10 during the 2013-14 campaign.

“It will for sure be one of the moments of my life,” Bure said. “It’s a huge honor, it’s one of those things that I never even dreamed about when I started to play hockey.

“Even when I was playing hockey for the Canucks I remember Stan Smyl was getting the same ceremony and it still didn’t even cross my mind in those days that one-day I’d be there. Fortunately good things have happened and it’s a big thing.”

Bure spent the first 428 games of his career with the Vancouver Canucks and scored 254 goals and 478 points in that span. He’s the franchise leader in terms of career goals per game and points per contest.

His tenure with Vancouver ended with him demanding a trade, but Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini previously defended Bure over what happened.

“He never had problems with the fans,” Aquilini said in April. “He had problems with management, but never the fans.”