Olympic agreement could spur more NHL involvement overseas


Friday’s agreement between the NHL, NHLPA, IOC and IIHF confirmed that NHL players will participate in the 2014 Olympics, but Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston reports that it could have broader implications for the league in Europe.

Johnston believes this can open the door for more NHL games in Europe and possibly a 2015 World Cup.

“I hope that this is the first step in a multi-year deal, which will involve World Cups, Victoria Cups and other new events internationally,” Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson said. “I think that there is a great opportunity for the IIHF, NHL and NHLPA.”

Sidney Crosby ranks among the players who would embrace more opportunities to represent Canada.

“I think it would be great,” Crosby said Friday afternoon. “I think expanding (the international calendar) and playing different teams, representing Canada, the more that you get an opportunity to do that I think it’s great for everyone.”

“I see that happening in the future.”

The 2014 Olympics are exciting enough.