Report: Fehr could return to baseball union


The NHLPA could once again be looking for a new chief if the following Yahoo! Sports report has any legs to it:

With the condition of cancer-stricken union chief Michael Weiner not improving, MLB Players Association officials have discussed the possibility of a return of his predecessor, NHLPA director Donald Fehr, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Fehr, who led the baseball union for 26 years through collusion cases and labor battles, including the infamous 1994 strike, ceded the union’s executive director position to Weiner in 2009. Whether Fehr would consider rejoining the union in a senior management role or as an adviser is unclear, and sources said Fehr has neither discussed a return nor has any inclination to leave the NHLPA.

The NHL’s new CBA will be in place for at least eight years, so even if the above turns out to be nothing but speculation, it’s worth wondering about Fehr’s future in hockey, a sport he says he came to appreciate during his time with the NHLPA, but was never a lifelong passion for him.

Fehr, 64, and the MLBPA declined comment when contacted by Yahoo! Sports.

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