Fucale first goalie taken, goes in second round to Montreal


It took until the second-round for the 2013 NHL Draft to see its first goalie taken and it turns out to be a fantastic troll pick.

At 36th overall, the Montreal Canadiens chose Halifax (QMJHL) netminder Zachary Fucale. While they’ve got Carey Price to kick around for the next few years, both the Edmonton Oilers (37th) and Philadelphia Flyers (41st) were eyeballing goalies themselves. Edmonton wound up trading their pick to Los Angeles while the Flyers… Well…

So much for that. Instead, Philly went with Swedish defenseman Robert Hagg at 41. It’s a nice consolation prize.

This year wasn’t seen as a big year for goalies and with Fucale not going until early in the second-round, that’s shown to be true. As for Martin Brodeur’s son, Anthony, we’re waiting to see when/if he’ll be taken today.