Julien on Toews exposing Chara: ‘They can try it again’


After Chicago’s Game 4 overtime win, one thing they thought they were able to do was find weaknesses in Bruins captain Zdeno Chara’s game. Bruins coach Claude Julien seemed to find some amusement in that idea when speaking with reporters following the team’s morning skate today.

When asked about Jonathan Toews’ comments about possibly exposing Chara’s weaknesses, Julien dared the Blackhawks to do it again.

“I mean, they’re allowed their comments. If that’s what they think, then they should try it again,” Julien said. “A lot of people have tried to figure out Zdeno, and he’s the type of player he is. People talk about five goals against, but were they all his fault? None of them were his fault, actually.

“But if they want to think that way, they’re entitled to it. I have no response to that except to know that my player is going to be good and ready tonight, and they can try it again if that’s what they think.”

Toews made it his business to poke the biggest bear on the Bruins roster in Game 4. The handful of scrums he had with Chara seemed to light a spark in the rest of the Blackhawks. Now that they’ve talked the talk on Chara, they’d better be ready to walk the walk.