Prospective Coyotes owner maintains intentions are pure


Clearly, Anthony LeBlanc understands the skepticism. Which is why the Renaissance Sports and Entertainment front man wants to make one thing clear — his group isn’t trying to buy the Phoenix Coyotes with the secret intention of moving the NHL franchise elsewhere.

“We’re not doing this to relocate the team,” LeBlanc told “If we end up exercising an out clause, it’s going to mean that we lost a whole lot of money. And the way things are trending, we really believe this franchise will be in the middle of the pack in the NHL in terms of revenue generated.”

And all that may be so, but the mere presence of an out clause is naturally going to lead to skepticism (and possibly further franchise instability, even if RSE is successful in its purchase).

Speaking of which, azcentral reports there could be a “snag” in RSE’s negotiations with the City of Glendale. Apparently, the city wants a “new revenue” guarantee from RSE, and that could be a “deal-killer.”

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