City of Glendale meets; questions remain about Coyotes deal


Remember last week when Coyotes fans were feeling good about the reported lease deal “in principle” between prospective owners Renaissance Sports Entertainment and the City of Glendale?

Yeah, it appears they may have to dial back that optimism.

At least, until it’s time to dial it back up again.

Or not.

From the Arizona Republic:

A long-awaited proposal by the prospective owners of the Phoenix Coyotes intended to keep the team in Arizona generated a mostly lackluster response by the Glendale City Council on Tuesday evening.

After the meeting ended, some council members said additional negotiations will be needed before the council will be ready to vote on the matter.

A delay could complicate matters.

NHL executives said they had hoped the council members would vote, or at least give a strong indication of their preference, before a scheduled NHL Board of Governors meeting on June 27.

Despite the above, councilman Gary Sherwood remains hopeful.

“What I thought would happen (in the meeting), happened,” Sherwood said, per Fox Sports Arizona. “When you go through some of the deal points, I thought there would be a hang up or two, and there were.

“But I think they are easily overcome, and I think there will be another meeting this week. I’m optimistic because I think that what we need to do is pretty simplistic and it’s easily doable.”

Update (12:40 p.m. ET):

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