Kronwall compares rookie DeKeyser to Lidstrom


Detroit rookie Danny DeKeyser apparently left a big impression on the Red Wings’ veteran players.

Defenseman Niklas Kronwall was asked about DeKeyser’s play by George Sipple of the Detroit Free Press and he had some very lofty praise for the Western Michigan product.

“He never puts himself in trouble,” Kronwall said of DeKeyser. “It kind of felt like he played a little bit like Nick Lidstrom that way. He’s just very smart and just read the situations.”

Even playing a little bit like Lidstrom is the kind of compliment one would be able to retire on.

Of course, DeKeyser has played just 13 total games in the NHL, two in the playoffs before breaking his thumb, so Kronwall is just a tad bit excited about his play. The DeKeyser love is reminiscent of Jonathan Ericsson’s big breakout during the 2009 playoffs when he was pegged as the next big thing. He didn’t really settle into a strong defensive role until this season, especially the playoffs.

In other words, it’s OK to be excited but don’t forget there’ll be bumps in the road along the way.