Report: Blocked shot broke Gregory Campbell’s leg


It’s quite possible that Boston Bruins forward Gregory Campbell fought through a broken leg on this memorable shift from Game 3:

That’s the word from ESPN Boston’s Joe MacDonald. He reports that a source within the Bruins organization told him that he suffered that injury, and logically enough, his season will be over.

“For what he went through, he showed a lot of guts to stay out there and to still try and play,” head coach Claude Julien said. “Obviously it was a pretty serious injury, so that’s just the kind of player he is, and it doesn’t surprise me, it doesn’t surprise his teammates, but certainly it shows the character of that player, and that’s why we appreciate having him on our team.”

(MacDonald’s report has reactions from other teammates.)

Amazing stuff by the 29-year-old forward, who isn’t likely to hear many jokes about his father Colin Campbell any longer.

(H/T to Puck Daddy.)