Dan Bylsma puts on brave face after Game 3 loss


How do you bounce back from a painful loss like the Pittsburgh Penguins suffered in Game 3 on Wednesday?

Head coach Dan Bylsma didn’t face that question after the 2-1 double OT loss to the Boston Bruins, but he did his best to provide an upbeat outlook.

“It was a hard-fought game on both sides,” Bylsma said. “It was a very good response from our team. We did a lot of things to get opportunities to win the hockey game. We have to bounce back from a goal very early on in the game, and I thought we did that very well and stuck with it, got the goal to tie the game and really was a hard-fought game all over the ice. Again, we did everything but get the game-winning goal there.”

He acknowledged that Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin played better despite losing (and remaining pointless), but he said that things could very well turn around if they play the same way in Game 4 as they did in Game 3.

“Those guys had great opportunities, five on five, Evgeni had a mini breakaway there, we had good chances on the power play, they all had good looks and we just have to keep playing that way, and that’s what we’re going to do,” Bylsma said. “We know the situation being down 0-3 but we’re going to come back for Game 5 and we’re going to play exactly that same way and get a win in Game 4.