MLSE prez: Leafs’ meltdown vs. Bruins ‘is going to make us’


According to Tim Leiweke, a historic collapse will forever change the future of the Maple Leafs — for the better.

On Tuesday, the president of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment discussed the infamous Boston meltdown and the future of his hockey club, saying the lessons learned from the Bruins series will help the Leafs for years to come.

“You go through that last game and it either makes or breaks an organization,” Leiweke told the Toronto Sun. “This is going to make us.

“That [Boston collapse] will be the image, the impression and the moment that we ingrain within everybody in the organization now to make sure we grow from that and we learn our lesson.”

Up 4-1 in Game 7 with 10:12 left in the third period, Toronto failed to seal the deal and allowed the Bruins to score three times in a span of 9:51 to even it up.

Discombobulated, Toronto only lasted six minutes into overtime before Patrice Bergeron scored the game-winner.

Leiweke said he was “extremely encouraged” by the Leafs this year and insisted the Game 7 collapse was an excellent opportunity for the organization to grow and learn.

“If that’s what we do,” Leiweke said, “it’s the best lesson we can ever go through.”