Clash of captains: Toews unhappy with Brown’s rough stuff


Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews got a bit of a rough introduction to Kings captain Dustin Brown late in Game 1.

Brown caught Toews with an elbow in the throat in the final minute of Chicago’s 2-1 Game 1 victory. While the hit appeared to just be a big one along the boards, there was a little something extra to it that Toews didn’t care for. He told reporters this morning that he expects that sort of thing from the Kings captain.

“We know that he’s going to be looking for stuff like that. Just got to be aware of it,” Toews said.

“I think they were maybe a little frustrated we were moving the puck around the outside without even two minutes left to go in the game, just trying to kill time on the power play. I kind of expect him to do something like that.”

The Kings getting rough with Brown leading the way is nothing new, but his way of doing it has gotten under other teams’ skin in the past. Just ask last year’s Coyotes about that.

How these two captains battle things out as this series goes along is going to be curious. Both let their play do the talking and Toews might not want to get roped into Brown’s extracurricular activities.