Big meeting tomorrow in Glendale


For those that missed the news over the weekend, there’s going to be a rather important meeting tomorrow in Glendale when the NHL, along with the latest prospective Phoenix Coyotes ownership group, gets together with city councilors to discuss what needs to be done to get the team sold and locked into a lease at Arena.

The key, as it has been in the past, will presumably be the arena-management agreement. How much will the cash-strapped city be willing to pay (some would say “subsidize”) the group led by Alberta investment banker George Gosbee?

Worth noting — when Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers was elected in November, he had the following message for the Coyotes and the NHL: “Glendale is not your cash register.”

Whether the city is actually prepared to play hardball with the league isn’t clear. We suppose it depends how much financial damage the councilors believe the city would sustain should the Coyotes leave.

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