Alfie needs to ‘give it a little time’ before deciding on future


Daniel Alfredsson is 40 years old and without a contract for next season. But with the playoff loss to the Penguins still fresh, he’s not ready to decide today if he’ll back for another year as Senators captain.

“It’s been a mentally draining season with the schedule,” said Alfredsson, per Sportsnet’s Ian Mendes. “I just feel like I need to give it a little time.”

He can’t wait too long though. Soon, if he wants to keep playing, he’ll have to start training. And that, he says, takes a lot of dedication — something he’s not sure he has anymore.

Being away from his young family so often is tough, too.

“I love the game,” Alfredsson said Friday, per Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston. “I love to practice, I love to play games. I find the travel really tough with four young kids at home.

“That’s kind of where I struggle personally.”

All that said, if there’s one thing that could bring Alfredsson back, it may be a certain trophy he’s never hoisted.