Henrik Lundqvist finishes 2013 with an empty feeling


John Tortorella took the blame for the poor work of many New York Rangers stars, but few would’ve passed much blame to Henrik Lundqvist, who kept his team in more than a few games in 2013.

Still, the result remains familiar for the superstar Swede: his team lost in the postseason. While the outcome might be similar to other years, the 31-year-old told reporters such as the Bergen Record’s Andrew Gross that he feels different in some ways.

“I expected more for us and I hoped for more,” Lundqvist said. “It’s an empty feeling.”

“All I can say is it was a different feeling (from last year) … I still feel like in key moments, we stepped up as a team.”

Regardless, the guy who seems to have everything lacks at least one accolade: Stanley Cup champion.