Goalless Jagr says he’s ‘not going to give up’


Jaromir Jagr hasn’t been quite what the Boston Bruins have hoped for in the postseason. The future Hall of Famer has no goals in the postseason and for all intents and purposes is in an offensive slump. That’s not going to stop him from trying though.

NHL.com’s Dan Rosen hears from Jagr about what his mindset is while he struggles to contribute in the playoffs.

“It doesn’t really matter how many goals you’ve scored before, the confidence comes with any play — any good play can give you the confidence, any good pass that can score a goal can change it around,” Jagr said. “You’ve just got to work hard and go through it. I’m not going to give up. Of course I’d like to help this team a little more than I do right now, but the only thing I can do about it is work hard.”

You don’t play for as long as Jagr has without working hard and after over 20 years of pro hockey it’s safe to say he knows how to get it done.

That said, he struggled scoring goals last season in the playoffs for the Flyers netting just one of his own. If he’s not scoring them for Boston, assisting others would be just as well.