Habs GM backs Price after rough finish


Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price got off to a strong start this season, but he collapsed in April with a 3.49 GAA and .876 save percentage in 11 games and wasn’t much better in the playoffs.

Price wasn’t shy about the fact that his struggles have been tough to swallow, especially in a city like Montreal.

“When you’re winning here there’s no better place to play,” Price told NHL.com. “But when you’re not playing well here it’s definitely tough. But it’s the only thing I know; I went straight out of junior to here. It’s the only type of atmosphere I know. I’ve learned to accept it.”

Price admitted that he misses “being anonymous” and that it’s gotten so bad that he doesn’t “even go to the grocery store anymore.”

“I’m like a hobbit in a hole,” Price added.

At the same time, Price argued that he has the mentality to win a Stanley Cup.

“In order to do that I need to reach another level,” Price said. “I’m going to need to figure out what I need to do to get to that level.”

None of what Price did or said recently worries Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin.

“I believe in him,” Bergevin said in an NHL.com report. “We will support him and we’ll help him.”

Bergevin also doesn’t buy into the idea that Price’s remarks mean that the 25-year-old goaltender is open to or would even prefer a trade.

“It’s normal in a market like Montreal or Toronto or Vancouver, or even Chicago or Philadelphia,” Bergevin said. “Goaltending’s a difficult position, very demanding. So it’s normal that a young player feels pressure.

“We’ll do everything we can to make sure he gets through this stage.”

Bergevin jokingly added that he can always get Price’s groceries for him if that’s an issue.


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