Caps want to make Rangers ‘weather their storm’


Washington goes into this afternoon’s Game 6 in New York against the Rangers with the chance to end the series and move to the second round. Having dealt with the Rangers in the playoffs in four of the last five seasons, they know that won’t be easy to do.

As Chuck Gormley of hears it from Caps defenseman Karl Alzner, they want to make the Rangers earn it by making them uncomfortable.

“I think the thought process should be to let them weather our storm and try to figure us out,” Alzner said. “That’s the mindset we want.”

One of the things (clichés?) you always hear about playing a playoff game on the road is having to make the best of the first 10 minutes and, yes, “weathering the storm.” If the Caps want to put the pressure on the Rangers and put them out of their element, taking it to them would do just that.