Blues GM acknowledges ‘cloudy’ goalie situation


The St. Louis Blues goalie rotation during the 2013 season, causing some contentious moments. Jake Allen’s claim to more playing time is only likely to increase as he approaches his prime, so how will the team deal with the fact that they have two more options in Brian Elliott and Jaroslav Halak?

GM Doug Armstrong admitted to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Jeremy Rutherford that the situation is “cloudy” going into the offseason.

Contract situations don’t necessarily make decisions any easier. Allen, 22, is a restricted free agent this summer while both Elliott, 28, and Halak, 27, will become unrestricted free agents after the 2013-14 season.

The reflex is to say that the Blues should trade Halak, even if he’s that much further from his outstanding 2010 playoff run with the Montreal Canadiens.

Naturally, Armstrong didn’t elaborate on that matter.’s Lou Korac believes that the Blues will improve their team via trades rather than free agency, however, so perhaps Halak (or even Elliott/Allen) could be moved to improve another part of the team.

Either way, the Blues have some key decisions to make in the near future.