Nash: ‘It’s not a good thing when you can’t help your team win’


The New York Rangers aren’t out of their first-round series against the Washington Capitals, but with their opponents up 3-2, the finger-pointing is starting. One obvious scapegoat could be Rick Nash.

Despite signs of effort (particularly 19 shots on goal), Nash has zero goals and one assist in these five playoff games. The 28-year-old forward seemed upset – but maybe not frustrated – while discussing his struggles with Andrew Gross of the Bergen Record.

“I don’t know if it’s frustration but it’s not a good thing when you can’t help your team win,” Nash said.

If people are blaming Nash for his inability to make difference, they’re not airing those grievances in public. For example: head coach John Tortorella refused to critique players such as Nash after the game.

This isn’t Nash’s first career postseason experience, yet it might be the first time he’s been on a team with high expectations. If things don’t change, many of the same questions will remain about the talented power forward.