Discuss: Islanders storm back against Pens to tie series


For many, the story was supposed to be about Sidney Crosby’s triumphant return amid Pittsburgh’s continued dominance. The New York Islanders had other plans, however, coming back from a 3-1 deficit to tie the first-round series 1-1 with a 4-3 win on Friday.

Let’s chat.

  • So, is it already time to wonder if the Penguins’ defense is really that much better after it fell apart in the 2012 playoffs? Many claimed as much, but it’s an obvious question now.
  • Here’s another inevitable question: is Marc-Andre Fleury truly the guy who can get it done for Pittsburgh? How long is his leash with Tomas Vokoun waiting in the wings?
  • How would you rate Sidney Crosby’s overall game? Did he dominate beyond those two goals?
  • Well, it’s probably safe to say that John Tavares had a much better night. Where does he rank among the top players in this series?
  • How much weight do you put in Kyle Okposo’s fight against Matt Niskanen?
  • And the most fun question of all: can the streaky Isles win this series? More than a few people believed that they could give Pittsburgh fits.
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