Photo: Eric Staal’s son wishes father and uncles good luck


It’s easy to get beaten down by what many people are calling “Staalapalooza” on Thursday night, as Jared Staal is making his debut alongside brothers Eric Staal and Jordan Staal for the Carolina Hurricanes against the New York Rangers.*

Sure, it’s a nice touch that Hurricanes coach Kirk Muller started all three to begin the game, according to the Bergen Record’s Andrew Gross.

Still, nothing could cut through the corniness and cheese of this story and make it something that cynics could enjoy, right? Well, this photo of one of Eric Staal’s sons might just cut through some of the skepticism:



(Photo via Hurricanes PR guy Mike Sundheim.)

* – One will inevitably note that Marc Staal plays for New York, but he’s still sidelined with that scary eye injury.