Red Wings, Stars headed for final-game showdown?


OK, so lots of stuff could still happen. And this isn’t to dismiss the Columbus Blue Jackets, who could squeeze out both Detroit and Dallas for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

Heck, Minnesota might end up below the top eight.

It’s just hard to look at the schedule and not focus on next Saturday’s contest between the Red Wings and Stars at the American Airlines Center. The way things stand right now, the last game of the season for each club could easily be the one that decides things.

Stars fans would certainly appreciate the opportunity given the way the 2010-11 season ended, when a final-game loss to the lowly Wild cost Dallas a spot in the playoffs.

That one still hurts, we imagine.

First though, the Stars have to keep themselves in the race against some tough competition. They play in St. Louis tonight, then travel to Los Angeles (Sunday) and San Jose (Tuesday), before returning home to play Columbus (Thursday).

The Red Wings are in Vancouver Saturday, then come home for games against Phoenix (Monday), Los Angeles (Wednesday), and Nashville (Thursday).

According to Sports Club Stats, both Dallas and Detroit have around a 40-percent chance of making the playoffs.


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