Video: The first trailer for NHL 14


EA Sports’ NHL video game series serves hockey fans as many sports titles do: they allow you to feel like a player, coach or GM (with significantly lower chances of getting fired or suffering a concussion).

With new consoles seemingly on their way, some might consider NHL 14 to be the last hockey title of “this generation.” The software giant provided some early details this week, including this trailer:

(Warning: enjoyment may vary depending upon your music taste.)

As you may notice, the game is slated to come out on Sept. 10, 2013.

EA Sports’ first look provides some interesting details, including the fact that the game’s fighting engine will be based on the popular “Fight Night” boxing series. To many, brawling in hockey games just hasn’t been the same since the days of “Blades of Steel,” so this could be a welcome change for fake pugilists.

Now, if they’d just add some icon passing, some of us would finally be content …

(Screen shot via EA.)