Report: Multiple players confirm Bryz closed his eyes during team meeting


The Ilya Bryzgalov sleep story isn’t going away in Philadelphia.

From the Daily News:

Despite public denials from four Flyers players and coach Peter Laviolette, multiple sources confirmed to the Daily News that goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov did in fact “doze off” during a team meeting on Monday.

His sleep habits, however, were not the reason for Steve Mason making his first start as a Flyer on Tuesday on Long Island in the team’s biggest game of the season.

The paper quoted one anonymous player about the alleged incident.

“Whether he was actually sleeping or not, no one knows for sure,” said the player. “It seemed like he may have been doing it to get a rise out of other players. I’m not really sure why he did it, or if he was faking it. Either way, it seemed to catch and lot of people by surprise and angered a few people.”

Bryzgalov was reportedly told before the meeting that he wouldn’t be starting Tuesday against the Islanders, so perhaps that’s why he felt like he could sleep — or fake like he was sleeping “to get a rise out of other players” — during the meeting.

If he did indeed close his eyes during the meeting.

At any rate, this is what it’s come to in Philadelphia — a story about a player who may or may not have been sleeping in a team meeting.



A team source vehemently denied that Bryzgalov was sleeping, saying that someone is trying to plant things in the media with the intention of hurting the club. This source said Bryzgalov was legitimately tired, and if there were other reasons for him to not play Tuesday, none were because he was sleeping, because he was not.


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