Steve Mason’s agent isn’t worried his client will ‘get eaten alive’ in Philly


Steve Mason’s agent is well aware that his client has been traded to a city with a reputation for chewing up goalies and spitting them out.

He just doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

After all, Philadelphia isn’t the only NHL market where it’s tough to be a goalie.

“That’s OK,” Anton Thun said today in Toronto, per “There’s lots of places where goaltenders get eaten alive. The reality of it is, you get eaten alive no matter where you play if you’re a goaltender who is not stopping the puck. It’s as simple as that. You get eaten alive in Montreal; you get eaten alive in Toronto; you get eaten alive in New York; and that’s the reality of it. Doesn’t matter. Roberto Luongo gets eaten alive in Vancouver when he lets in a bad goal.

“If you want to go to a marketplace where you can put yourself in a rocking chair, and not worry about performing, hey, that’s OK. That’s not the real world of professional sports.”

Thun also said he expects Mason, 24, will have a one-year contract extension signed with the Flyers “in the next few days.”

Ilya Bryzgalov will get the start in goal tonight versus the Leafs.

The Flyers’ next game is Saturday in Winnipeg.