Brenden Morrow wanted to be a Dallas Star for life


When the Dallas Stars sent Brenden Morrow to Pittsburgh, they sent away a longtime face of the franchise. What they may not have known, however, is that he wanted to be a Stars player for life.

That’s what Morrow told a Dallas radio station yesterday as the Dallas Morning News shares.

“I wanted to finish my career and be a Dallas Star for a few more years and end it that way and not have to move the family and uproot everything that I knew. But I’ve seen it happen to players before me, franchise guys, Modano. It’s something that happens. I’m a realist I knew it was a possibility that it was going to be me some day. It turned out to be true.”

If there’s something Morrow can feel better about it’s that he’ll have a shot at winning a Stanley Cup now, something he hasn’t done yet in his career. After missing out on the playoffs the last four seasons in Dallas, it’s likely a welcome opportunity.