Flyers owner Snider puts faith in GM Holmgren to fix things up


Safe to say this season has been disappointing for the Flyers. They entered the day 14th in the East and six points out of the playoffs and not exactly playing inspiring hockey.

While the team unveiled a statue featuring 1970s legends Bernie Parent and Bobby Clarke, team owner Ed Snider was quizzed about what’s next for his team. Tim Panaccio of shares what he had to say about GM Paul Holmgren’s role in fixing things up.

“I don’t want to talk about anything about when the season ends, who’s safe and who isn’t safe,” Snider replied. “These are decisions Paul Holmgren is going to have to make, not me.”

“We came into the season with high expectations, and it just seems like everything that could go wrong has gone wrong,” Snider said. “But the good teams overcome that and we’ve got to find a way to regroup, and I guarantee you we’ll be a heck of a lot better.”

If that sounds like a vote of confidence for Holmgren, it sure seems like it. The team’s had a host of injuries to their defense and their lack of addressing blue line depth in the offseason has hurt them. If Philly isn’t busy at the deadline, you have to believe they’ll be busy this summer.