Video: Prolific fighters Boll, Brown participate in marathon brawl


The Edmonton Oilers acquired Mike Brown from the Toronto Maple Leafs because they wanted to inject more toughness on a team that has a wealth of young skilled forwards. With the Oilers and Columbus Blue Jackets both desperately trying to stay in the playoffs, Brown stepped up Thursday night.

Brown was credited with five hits and got into a scrap with Jared Boll in the Oilers’ 6-4 victory over the Blue Jackets.

The fight was a long one with both players delivering their fair share of blows. If you want to see it, you can do so below:

Brown and Boll are tied for second place in the NHL with 10 fights each in 2013, according to hockeyfights. That’s not surprising, given that both players have been prolific fighters throughout their NHL careers.