Bettman to Glendale: Expect something on the table soon


The NHL might announce the relocation of the franchise before the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean they’ve given up on the idea of keeping the team in Glendale.

It was recently reported that AltaCorp Capital chairman and CEO George Gosbee has emerged as a prospective bidder. Gosbee is reportedly working with Anthony LeBlanc, who has previously been involved in the Coyotes’ ownership saga, in the hopes that they’ll have a proposal to show the NHL soon.

Although NHL commissioner Gary Bettman hasn’t confirmed Gosbee’s involvement, he did inform Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers that a group of investors are close to acting, according to the Arizona Republic.

“I have been in contact with the NHL and they basically told me that they expect to have something to put on the table in the next week or so, but as of right now, I’ve seen nothing and have heard nothing,” Weiers said.

Meanwhile the Glendale City Council has reached out to Beacon Sports Capital Partners to get bids from management companies interested in handling the city’s negotiations with prospective Coyotes buyers and running the Arena.

This creates a potential race because it raises the possibility of an independent management firm taking over the Coyotes’ home before a potential Coyotes’ buyer does.

“There has to be some process that we need to begin or else we will be perpetually waiting for the proverbial deal to come home,” Assistant City Manager Jamsheed Mehta said.

So, as always, we’ll see what happens next.