Another ‘unacceptable’ loss for struggling Oilers


These are tough times in Edmonton. The Oilers lost 3-2 to the Nashville Predators Monday, dropping their third straight game.

Their playoff chances are slim, their playoff hopes fading. They are 13th in the Western Conference and now five points out of a playoff spot.

The team’s struggles were appropriately captured in the first three paragraphs of Robert Tychkowski’s game file in the Edmonton Sun. He wrote:

You know why nobody’s penned a country music song about the Edmonton Oilers yet?

Because all of the tear drops make the paper too soggy to write on.

Instead of the dog dyin’, it’s Edmonton’s mangy-looking playoff hopes that are always being put out of their misery. Year after year after year after year after year after year after year.

The second period was the Oilers’ undoing in this latest tale of woe. The Predators scored twice, taking a two-goal lead before hanging on for the win in the third.

“I don’t know what happened in the second period, we just kind of handed the game over to them,” Oilers defenseman Ladislav Smid told the Edmonton Sun.

“We should realize what the situation is. If we win we’re one point behind Nashville and that much closer to a playoff position. We have to be more desperate than this. This is unacceptable.”