Video: Was Daugavins’ bold shootout attempt smart?


Ottawa Senators forward Kaspars Daugavins certainly got people’s attention with his unusual shootout attempt – but was it worth it?

He didn’t beat Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask and Ottawa consequently lost the contest. Was doing an odd maneuver like that to throw Rask off-balance still his best bet or did it even aide Rask by telegraphing the fact that Daugavins was unlikely to try and elevate his shot?

That was the topic on NHL Faceoff, which you can watch below:

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Senators coach Paul MacLean thought it was creative and Daugavins had success with the move during his AHL days, according to the

“I don’t blame the kid at all,” Don Cherry said. “Lets face it the shootout is a gimmick anyway. Fans loved it and besides it worked for him in the AHL.”