Laich skates with Caps for first time in three weeks, calls it a ‘mind vitamin’


On Tuesday, Washington forward Brooks Laich practiced with teammates for the first time since Feb. 16.

It sounded like he needed it.

“I was almost to the breaking point,” Laich told the Washington Times. “It was a lot of tough days, a lot of long, hard days mentally for myself. I really enjoy playing the game and I really miss being part of the team.

“To be able to get this sort of mind vitamin today gives me some more energy and a better attitude and hopefully get me back in the lineup soon.”

It’s easy to understand why missing the first 24 games of the season has taken it’s toll on Laich. This is the same guy that, over the past five seasons, has missed just four games total.

Laich was pleased with how Tuesday unfolded. While there’s still no timetable for return, he was able to participate in drills and didn’t experience any setbacks.

“Felt really good,” he said. “Wasn’t hesitant. The strength felt pretty good. First time in a little while.

“I’ve skated the last couple of days just by myself, but to get back out with the team felt pretty good.”