Panthers remove Markstrom from net after three minutes


Jacob Markstrom’s chance to lay claim to the Florida Panthers’ starting goalie job got off to a great start on Tuesday, but a lousy Thursday against the Washington Capitals argues that he has a way to go.

The 23-year-old was pulled from Florida’s net after allowing two goals on two shots (something that happened to injured Panthers’ No. 1 guy Jose Theodore during his time with the Capitals, actually).

Before you place too much blame on Markstrom for the shaky beginning, things haven’t been much easier for Scott Clemmensen. As of this writing, the team’s backup has allowed two more tallies on just eight shots.

There’s plenty of time for the Panthers since the game’s only in the first period. So far, having more than 40 extra minutes doesn’t sound like a good thing, though.

Update: it wasn’t a good thing. The Capitals ended up winning 7-1. Check out all the goals in this post from