Lucic takes another shot at ’embellishment’


The hockey world was abuzz on Sunday night after Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien fumed about the Canadiens’ supposed embellishment during Montreal’s 4-3 win. Milan Lucic provided more of the same to on Monday.

“You definitely would like to see a lot less embellishment,” Lucic said. “I know the way that we are as a team, and how we play. The type of people that we are we don’t really accept that type of play in this room. We don’t like our guys diving. We don’t like our guys embellishing. You don’t like to see it around the league. So hopefully the right calls will be made, and guys will take pride in not being that type of player.”

Then again, self-awareness doesn’t always factor completely into these situations.

Toronto Maple Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets passes along this amusing video seemingly produced by a Vancouver Canucks fan,* which juxtaposes Julien’s comments with moments where the Bruins might have been the ones who were guilty of embellishment:

In other words, it’s likely that no one’s completely “innocent.”

One might argue that Julien merely made those remarks in the heat of the moment, but he backed his critique up to today.

“I didn’t question their character because they play hard. They’re a good team. The only thing I talked about is the embellishment,” Julien said. “I wasn’t just talking about them, but I was talking about something that we’re trying to clean up in the league. There are times when certain things frustrate you and I thought after the game that embellishment is something that embarrasses the game.

“I have a strong opinion about it and I stand by it. We’re a professional league here. The NBA went through it and kind of cleaned things up, and I’m hoping that we’ll do the same thing with hockey.”

The Bruins will be expected to hold themselves to that higher standard, then.

* – Your rivals will always do things like this.