Say hello to MotorSportsTalk, the latest addition to NBC Sports


A bit off-topic in terms of hockey news, but very relevant in the world of — a new site, MotorSportsTalk, has been launched and is up and running with all the latest F1, IndyCar and NASCAR news.

The site features a quartet of experienced writers in the motor sports field: Keith Collantine, creator of F1 Fanatic; Luke Smith, creator of Richland F1; Tony DiZinnio, web editor of Racer Magazine and Chris Estrada, who launched the Indy Racing Revolution site.

So, the relevant information:

— Check out the site here.

— Learn more about the site here.

— Follow MotorSportsTalk on Twitter here.

— Follow Keith here, Luke here, Tony here and Chris here.

Go visit and say hello, but try not to turn their comments section into a flame war between Flyers and Penguins fans. YOU BE NICE OVER THERE, OK?