Laraque to quit CHLPA


Georges Laraque plans to resign as executive director of the CHLPA following a tumultuous week for the aspiring junior hockey union.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Laraque said it would be best if a more experienced labor group represented the players.

“I think the right team could do this, especially after all that we’ve done,” he said. “For those kids, we’re not quitting. We’re passing it on.”

Earlier this week, reports linked convicted fraudster Randy Gumbley to the CHLPA. And while the union denied he had “any official position” with the organization, it’s important to note the word “official,” as it soon emerged that Gumbley’s brother, Glenn, was involved.

Anyway, the whole story is too long and convoluted for a short blog post. (We haven’t even mentioned the name Derek Clarke.) The Globe and Mail has a detailed article on the saga, as does the Toronto Star.

The mystery of Laraque’s sabotaged tire remains unsolved to our knowledge.