Roenick: No reason NHL/NHLPA can’t be close to a deal


We’re now in November and there will be no NHL games this month. On top of that the Winter Classic is reportedly in danger.

That’s dampened plenty of spirits, but Jeremy Roenick hasn’t given up on the CBA negotiations.

“I’m still holding hope that sensibility is going to come of the owners and the players,” Roenick told Sportsnet 590.

We have seen some glimmers of hope, but not a lot tangible progress lately. Still, Roenick doesn’t think the two sides have much of a bridge to gap at this point.

“If all they’re really worried about right now is whether to honor the current contracts or not, you would think they should be close to a deal,” Roenick said. “They’re both willing to go to 50-50 and there’s a discrepancy on how long it takes to get there. Owners want it right now and players want it in two and a half to three years. You wouldn’t it’s going to take too long to get it done.”

Given that, Roenick doesn’t understand why the two sides aren’t in a room right now getting this ironed out, but he speculates that this might be a case of the two sides playing “hardball.”

He’s still hoping that we’ll have a deal done by Christmas.


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