Andy Sutton may have already played his last NHL game


While many players are using the downtime of the lockout to further rehabilitate injuries, Andy Sutton is wondering if he’s already played his final NHL game.

Joanne Ireland of the Edmonton Journal hears from the Oilers’ defenseman about how he injured his knee this summer and will have his 12th career surgery done to fix it. Sutton’s prospects for the future aren’t too bright.

“I had trained so hard and was in such good shape,” said Sutton. “But this is another thing I have to deal with. I may have played my last game last year and not even known it.”

He’ll get the operation done within the next month and then spend six weeks rehabbing the knee. Without knowing when or if the lockout will be done in time to start the season, Sutton isn’t sure if he’ll get to play again.

Sutton admitted he was set to retire last season but enjoyed his time in Edmonton so much he wanted to go for another year. Now he’s stuck with a bum knee. Too bad he’s not an expert at labor negotiations to help guarantee he’ll get to finish his career the way he wants to.