So…what now?


That’s the question after the NHL withdrew its most recent offer to the players and canceled all games through November.

If we’re still to assume a week of training camp is required before the regular season (what’s left of it) can start, the new deadline for a CBA to be reached becomes Nov. 23, or around there.

That’s less than a month away, which common sense suggests should create some urgency. But if the NHL and NHLPA weren’t meeting in the days leading up to the last deadline (Oct. 25), will they be rushing to talk now?

Instead, expect to hear a fresh batch of rhetoric from each side as more players sign in Europe and the Winter Classic/All-Star Game cancelation watch intensifies.

Last year’s NBA’s lockout resulted in a shortened 66-game season that started on Christmas Day – worth mentioning as NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr believes the NHL is following the NBA’s negotiating playbook.

Unfortunately, a 66-game season now appears to be a best-case scenario for hockey fans.

Ridiculous, but reality.