Fehr hopes for “serious negotiations one of these days”


Donald Fehr was on hand for Chicago’s Champs for Charity game, so he added a little extra meat to the NHLPA’s earlier release about games being canceled through November.

Here’s the latest bit of CBA bulletin board material, via CSNChicago.com’s Tracey Myers.

“Hopefully we’ll finally get down to serious negotiations one of these days,” Fehr said. “Somebody has to be willing to talk about things seriously.”

Fehr once again compared the way the NHL is handling the process to the way other leagues (such as the NFL and NBA) recently approached their CBA haggling.

Fehr’s extended comments (and a really close-up view of the executive) can be found via Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune, which included this take.

“So far, the league’s position is essentially we got billions of dollars from the players last time and we’ve had nothing but record revenue since so let’s get another billion or two,” Fehr said.

About the only bright side is likely a familiar refrain: Kuc reports that Fehr said there is “regular, on-going communication” between the parties, yet no formal negotiations are in the works.


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