Donald Fehr to attend tonight’s charity game in Chicago


Since he’s not negotiating with Gary Bettman at the moment, some might wonder what exactly Donald Fehr is up to.

The NHLPA head plans on attending a charitable event that doubles as a virtual reunion of the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks Cup-winning team tonight, according to RDS’ Renaud P. Lavoie.

Lavoie reports that Fehr is expected to meet with players and that it’s also anticipated that he’ll attend Minnesota’s own charity-friendly game on Monday to do the same.

(That event will represent a chance to see Zach Parise and Ryan Suter join forces in something more interesting than a press conference.)

For those who joke* that Fehr should be locked in a room with Gary Bettman until the two hash out an agreement, this probably isn’t a very satisfying development.

At least he’s not just eating popcorn and watching “Frankenweenie” on Friday night, though.

* – Assuming they’re joking, of course …