Former Sabres minority owner Quinn believes there’s a deal to be made


Larry Quinn feels the same way most hockey fans do these days – baffled that the NHL and NHLPA can’t reach a new CBA.

The Sabres’ former executive and minority owner recently shared his thoughts on the lockout with’s Pierre LeBrun.

“I really believe there’s a deal to be made here,” Quinn said. “And I’m shocked that given the money involved … I mean, the person that gets hurt the most in this is the player. You’ve got a diminishing asset and, unlike the owners, everything they make is a profit and it cannot be replaced. That’s just the nature of the beast. The fact that their limited livelihood would be jeopardized once again, something is just wrong. It makes you wonder what interests are being represented and why.”

We’re not positive what Quinn meant with that last part, but if we had to guess, we’d wager it was a shot at NHLPA chief Donald Fehr, who some have accused of putting his legacy ahead of the current players’ interests.

Quinn also believes the players need to remember that, no matter the system, their salaries have always risen.

“The proof is in the pudding from the last CBA that their salaries went up 30 percent,” he said, “and that CBA was supposed to be the mother of all salary reductions.”

Translation: Do what needs to be done to get back to work.

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