The KHL does not take erroneous video reviews lightly


The KHL dropped the hammer on an off-ice official Wednesday, firing the video goal judge who called this tally in the Amur-Salavat Yulaev game a good goal:

From the KHL website:

There was a highly controversial moment in the 34th minute of Wednesday’s game between Amur and Salavat Yulaev, when the referee awarded a goal to the home side on the advice of the video goal judge.

The KHL Refereeing Department has studied the episode and established that not all of the puck had crossed the goal line, and therefore a goal should not have been awarded.

The video goal judge who incorrectly informed the officials that a goal had been scored has been relieved of his duties for the remainder of the KHL 2012/2013 season.

The most obvious solution here is to get robots to do the job, because robots are easier to fire. The exception is the cyborg kid from that movie D.A.R.Y.L, because everybody loved Daryl. He would’ve been tough to get rid of.