Go figure: Kostitsyn says he was misquoted by Russian newspaper


Remember when Sergei Kostitsyn was quoted by a Russian newspaper saying, “it would be better (for the players) if the lockout continues” and talked about how can’t adjust to being in America? The Predators’ winger says he was misquoted.

Joshua Cooper of The Tennessean caught up with Kostitsyn and found out he’s a big fan of the States.

“I just want to say I really enjoy America and Nashville,” Kostitsyn said.

That should keep him from being booed when the Predators hit the ice for the first time at home.

This isn’t the first time a player says he’s been misquoted this summer as Washington’s Michal Neuvirth said the same thing happened to him in an interview he supposedly went off on the Capitals organization and Alex Ovechkin. Getting lost in translation like this hasn’t been this awkward since Bill Murray wound up in Japan.